25th June 2020

2 minutes reading time

Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios: Investee Company Updates


Fast-growing safety wearables company Tended has recently developed its own social distancing solution. This combines a wearable with an Internet of Things proximity tag and mobile connected device. Workers wearing it are automatically notified if they come within a set minimum distance of each other.

The offering allows employees to adhere to minimum separation measures and stay safe, while giving employers peace of mind around adherence to social distancing rules.


Movebubble, a property rental app, now offers a solution for prospective renters. It has launched a video ‘walkthrough’ facility, allowing customers to view properties remotely, by watching fresh, unfiltered videos on the Movebubble app. In removing the need for a physical viewing, it enables the letting of apartments at this time.

Movebubble continues to develop the whole rental journey for its customers. It is also soon to launch other extra features to enhance its product and further improve experiences for renters.


The team behind the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios has completed investments in three new firms: Candidate.ID, Spotless Water and StaffCircle. These are all high-growth businesses disrupting their sectors with innovative technology, bringing significant return potential for investors as they grow.


A talent platform offering a fast-track solution to hiring via software providing hot leads based on candidates’ online interactions with company content

Spotless Water

A highly scalable business selling ultra-pure water from self-service dispensing stations nationwide, which has no direct competitors


A human resources platform covering communications, performance and culture, enabling firms to manage employees across many locations

Backed by expertise and a broad network of relationships, the Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios bring access to EIS tax benefits, along with the prospect of significant returns for investors.