How we work

Our unique investment process builds a resilient and future-proof Founder community

What to Expect as a Founder

In working with potential investee firms, we follow a rigorous process. Founders will typically go through the stages below so we can get to know each other and make sure it's the best fit for success;

  1. Pitch deck, financials and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)/Venture Capital Trust (VCT) status review
  2. Initial founder calls followed by internal discussion
  3. Detailed pitch session with senior Ventures team
  4. Filtering Investment Committee then term sheet
  5. Data room opens so that full due diligence and legals can begin
  6. Final Investment Committee and deal completion
  7. Appoint value-add Non-Exec Director (NED) and provide support to firm

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Watch our 2023 Portfolio Highlight Reel

It was yet another stellar year for the companies that feature in the Blackfinch Ventures portfolio. So, to celebrate, we invited an exclusive audience to hear about some of the biggest achievements by our portfolio companies in 2023, directly from the company founders themselves. The audience also got to vote for the founder that made the most convincing elevator pitch.

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Building Strong Partnerships 

Uniquely, the Blackfinch Ventures team are all experienced entrepreneurs themselves, with extensive technical knowledge and qualifications. This means that alongside the necessary crunching of numbers, we're also able to deeply empathise with our founder community. We've faced the same heady combination of excitement and challenge that comes with getting a passion or idea off the ground and we know it's rarely a straight-forward road. We use our personal skill sets to add value to our investees, helping them develop ideas, test concepts and find additional applications for future growth.


Ready to partner up?

If you like what you see, and you have an existing start-up or scaling technology business, then we're keen to hear from you. 

Share your passion with us and we'll let you know if we can help you thrive.